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'Thank you students-lodging, my time in London was amazing and affordable thanks to your service'
Martin, 24, Germany

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Student lodging - flatshare perfect for students Flat-Share Rooms

A room in a flat-share is the perfect mix between comfort and flexibility. Either you can decide to book a room in flat-share before you arrive, which is always easier, or decide to move into a flat-share room after staying at a hostel or other short-term option. Hostels may seem cheaper per night, but you do not get a private room and most hostels don't have access to a kitchen or any private facilities.

Rooms in flat-share can be booked from anywhere from 1 week to six months, depending on the time of year and availability. Rooms in flat-share almost always have a shared bathroom and kitchen, but in some cases you may be able to get a room with private facilities through one of our sister companies - this is not a cheap solution, and you will have to check the prices before booking.

Please find some suggested flat-share options below for your stay in London.

Single Room in Flat-Share (1 person)

Double Room in Flat-Share (1 or 2 persons)

Twin Room in Flat-Share (2 persons)


Any other questions regarding your student accommodation? Contact us for answers.

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   How much?
TravelCard (Zone 1-3) £23 pw
Internet Cafe £1 hour
Cinema Ticket (Zone3) £3.50
Milk (2 lt) .99p
Bread (loaf) .95p
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